• Know the basics of programming (functions, environment variables, CLI and JSON)
  • AWS cloud experience is not required, we will use the AWS free plan
  • Windows / Linux / Mac OS X machine.


Welcome! I’m here to help you prepare for and pass the latest Associate AWS Certified Developer exam.


AWS Certified Developer certification is one of the most demanding exams. It’s fantastic in evaluating how well you understand not only AWS, but the new cloud paradigms like Serverless, which makes this certification incredibly valuable to have and pass. Rest assured, I passed it alone with a score of 984 out of 1000. Yes you read that right, I just made a mistake! The next, I want to help you pass AWS Developer Certification with flying colors. No need to know anything about AWS, beginners are welcome!

It will be a long journey, but it is worth passing the AWS Certified Developer exam!

This course is different from the others you will find on Udemy. I dare say better (but you will judge!)

  • It covers everything in depth new topics on the DVS-C01 exam for AWS certified developers
  • It’s full of practical knowledge on how to use AWS inside and out as a developer
  • It teaches you how to prepare for the AWS exam IS how to prepare for the real world
  • It’s a logical progression of the arguments, not a complete list of random services
  • His fast and to the point
  • It has professional subtitles
  • All Over 400 slides available as a downloadable PDF

In concrete terms, here is what we will learn to pass the exam:

  • The basics of AWS: IAM, EC2, load balancing, automatic scaling, EBS, Route 53, RDS, ElastiCache, S3
  • The AWS CLI: CLI configuration, use on EC2, best practice, SDK, advanced use
  • Deploy an application correctly: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, CICD, CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy
  • Infrastructure as code with AWS CloudFormation
  • Monitoring, troubleshooting and auditing: AWS CloudWatch, X-Ray, CloudTrail
  • AWS integration and messaging: SQS, SNS, Kinesis
  • AWS Serverless: AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Cognito, Serverless Application Model (SAM)
  • AWS Security Best Practices: KMS, Cryptography SDK, SSM Parameter Store, IAM Policies
  • Overview of other AWS services: CloudFront, Step Functions, SWF, ECS, Redshift
  • Tips for taking the ROCK exam

This course is full of opportunities to apply your knowledge:

  • There are many frontal lessons in each section
  • There are quiz at the end of each section
  • There’s a practice exam at the end of the course
  • We will use the Free AWS level Most of the time
  • I’ll show you how to go beyond the AWS free plan (you know … the real world!)



My name is Stephane Maarek and I will be your instructor in this course. I am an architect and developer of AWS certified solutions and author of high level and best selling courses on AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation and AWS EC2. I have already taught over 40,000 students and received over 12,000 reviews.

I’ve decided it’s time for students to learn correctly how to be AWS certified developers. You are in good hands!

Check out these student reviews:

★★★★★ “I just passed my CDA exam with 96% and this course was extremely helpful in filling the gaps in my understanding / experience. It was very easy to follow and informative.” – Derek C.

★★★★★ “This was a perfect match for what I was looking for. About 8 years have passed since I frequently used the AWS cloud (other clouds and hybrids). Seeing many updates to the services with some hands in hand was very helpful. “ – James C.

★★★★★ “The course is presented in this way at a detailed level with a great explanation of the diagram. It helps me successfully cancel the DVA exam with 92% pass rate ” – Edward K.

★★★★★ “This course was very interesting and full of excellent information and practical examples. Stephane did an excellent job of assembling everything together and delivers it with so much knowledge and passion. “ Abdennour T.


This course also includes:

✔ Lifetime access to all future updates

✔ A responsive instructor in the Questions and Answers section

✔ Certificate of completion Udemy ready for download

✔ A 30 day money back guarantee “no questions asked”!

Join me in this course if you wish to pass the AWS Associate Developer Developer Exam exam and master the AWS platform!

Who is this course for:

  • Anyone who wants to acquire the knowledge necessary to pass the AWS Associate Developer Developer certification
  • Developers who want to improve their skills and understand how to leverage AWS Cloud for their applications
  • Developers who want to update themselves with best practices on Serverless and AWS Cloud

Created by Stephane Maarek | AWS certified developer
Last updated 1/2019

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